Welcome to Guides Collective

Guides Collective is a private community for psychedelic guides and facilitators.

Who We Are

Guides Collective is a private community for psychedelic guides, facilitators, coaches, and sitters.

We are here to provide ongoing support and resources to those of us called to heal the world through the use of plant medicine.

Where Spirituality Meets Practicality

Guides Collective brings together guides and facilitators to help them navigate the ever-evolving psychedelic landscape.

Beyond an active and engaged community, we are focused on providing our members with the tools needed to run a thriving business as a Psychedelic Guide.

These tools will include:

  • Resources ranging from unbiased reviews of available training programs, intake and assessment forms, and client tracking tools
  • Monthly webinars with experts in the psychedelic space
  • Ongoing marketing and sales trainings
  • Legal support and advice, available by jurisdiction
  • Insurance benefits, such as liability, claims, and malpractice
  • Guide meet-ups throughout the world
  • Access to ancillary practitioners, product discounts, retreat spaces, and more

Please join us on this journey as we co-create the world’s best community for psychedelic professionals.